Thursday, June 28, 2007

Movie Reviews...

1) Surf's Up

Absolut-ly NOT moi kind of movie, but no choice since people want wanna watch so just entertain.
As with all cartoon movies, the plot is easily guessed.
Penguin loves surfing, penguin goes surfing, penguin learns some funny values, everyone's happy, happy ending.
Just becos it's not my type of movie & doesn't even appeal that much to me like Shrek in the 1st place...
Rating: 2/5 stars


2) Transformers...

"more than meets the eyes" is badly abused in the movie. bah.
apart from that and a couple of lame jokes here and there, the effects were pretty gd.
Not to mention, everyone simply love the scene when he called the US Defence dept and get directed to the stupid call centre in India, where the fellow asked him for his credit card no. while they're busy firing at the scorpion.
[and the part abt upgrade to gold plus too]


Kinda annoyed though by the narrator at the beginning and ending since his voice ish so annoying.
Apart from that, a fairly balanced show, although it's annoying to have them include a romance portion too.
A completely action movie would be better.
[And I wonder if anyone complained abt the stereotypes they made abt Indians and Japaneses in the film?]

Rating? 4/5 stars.

(Actually I lazy to edit the logo 1/2 way to show 3.5/5, so round it up)
A mix of can-watch & must-watch, but well guess it's pretty much up to the individual whether he or she likes it.
I suppose this is gals-friendly since we happened to meet a fren of my fren and she's going with her bf.
Also, my friend didn't fall asleep during the movie.
[She told me she'll sleep while I watch, but maybe movie too gd or sound effect damn loud.]

P.S. i sux in reviews.

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