Sunday, May 27, 2007

Aquarama 07

Just in case you folks don't know, Aquarama 07 is at Suntec till tml, 27th May 07.
Do go see fishie if u're a fish fan! (P.S. not for consumption wor. =P)

Anyway courtesy of TK who got 1 of his gals (yes qianqian, but that 1 not ur fren) to come out and pass us the passes.
Then again, so weird!!! Imagine me wearing the pass that says "Hwee Sun".
On 2nd tot, at least it sounds better than me wearing Joelle's pass that says "Iris".

There's lots of fishes on display for the fish competition.
You all can have fun identifying which is which fish. =)

So manage to identify the names of those fishes above? =P

Anyway since TK wasn't around, we decide to drop and check out what his booth is selling.
We saw Qianqian's friends (Hwee Sun, Iris, Shu Ping) & another gal called Zhi Hui (Frenie, ur fren?) who's manning the booth and helping TK sell his products.
Of which we are amazed by this particular plant, cos it's imported from Australia and it cost like $58 for like a ultra small patch of grass.
To quote Joelle, "WAH THIS 1 IS GINSENG AH!?!"
(too bad forget to take foto of the gals grass)

Anyway, it's all fishies products and aquarium related stuff, so do check out on Sunday if you're interested k?
Entry for adults @ $8, free for kids below 12. =)

On a side note, Qianqian probably know what I wanted to say. =)
And no, it's not about her frens k? Fotos quite deceiving sometimes wor. =P
Anyway fat is subjective. I ish fat. So don't say people fat k?

On a side side note, I made it to the Brand's Sudoku Challenge's semi-finals. heee...
Somemore got home ground advantage, hurhurhur... =P

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2 MoOeD~!!

At 3:57 pm, June 01, 2007, Blogger aquariss said...

Hi there,
chanced upon your blog. I got into brand's sudoku challenge too. Good luck to you. btw, home advantage means?

At 9:23 am, June 05, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My guess is that he studies/works at SMU.


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