Sunday, March 18, 2007

Week 11...

Week 11 came and gone just like that...
So here's a summary of what happened...

1) MA Quiz + presentation
Needless to say, having a quiz WITH a presentation isn't exactly the brightest of ideas. Similarly, having a class who's like a firing squad didn't really help either. Especially when they keep popping the same DAMN questions like "Why pay such high dividends?" and "Why you reduce the dividends from year 4 onwards? Shareholders not happy!"...
Oh well, hope I get enough cookie points from the quizes to cover up for my *ahem* shortfall..

2) MA project
A mindwrecking, time-consuming piece of nonsense that's only worth 20% of our grades. And to be exact, the excel is worth 15% and the report 5%.
To put it in layman terms, to be spending so much time on the report is akin to using a chainsaw to cut the beansprout or using a sledgehammer to crack a nut.
Nevertheless, it was still fun doing the work together, although I feel REALLY damn guilty not contributing much to the project, except in the area of Excel.
In fact, Charles did most of the excel + report somemore!! (*guilty*)
Don't angwee kk?? Wait i got $$ treat u all gelare... =P

3) Fri...
Got last min 'mobilisation' back to school for project meeting, before rushing around like a mad dog trying to get things in place...
As for the exact programmes, aku shall not touch on it... =P
But it was fun, nevertheless...
-It's official now...-

4) Mosaic Music Fest(Sat)
Went for the 11th hr music to catch the Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra.
If U ask me, it's certainly worth your $$$...
The crowd was pretty diverse, having unexpectedly many of our malay folks around, and of cos youths and elderlys and foreigners.
And the best part? It's so upbeat that most of the crowd was standing throughout the entire 1+ hr..

And by standing, I mean as in dancing and jumping and stuff lidat. In fact, the gal sitting beside me (I dunno who's that...) was hopping all the time... [wonder if she's on redbull or sth...]
Afterall, you don't really expect people to be doing these in Esplanade concert hall.. =P

It's been a enjoyable night. Although I'm still hearing 'rings' in my ear. =P

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