Sunday, February 04, 2007

Challenges, Nonsense, Crap...

Well, I guess everyone fumbles and take a couple of U-turns every now and then, so no big deal.
But I wonder why everything's taking soooooooo long, even in deciding on something.
Something's just sooooo not right.

Anyway back to side news, where things are more nonsensical. Life's gotta alittle slacker, not that it is, but I decided to be slack.
Slacking takes on lots of new meanings when you start to stop studying for time-consuming modules like Biz Law, and don't give a deal about MA cos u know nuts about variance and budgeting.
Not that I really know nuts abt them though.

To crappy news, life's gotten a little crap as well as tons of saikang's fallen on us.
Still surviving though, but I doubt I'll be enjoying my Vdae since there's a DAMN biz law quiz + nite class... BLEH~
So much for a crappy life. Thank god for the occasional breaks though, for I hate to do work. =)

0 MoOeD~!!

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