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consumed with the pursuit of, aqusition and study of Lore, it is a wonder that the scholars have survived to proliferate. Much mystery shrouds the ancient scholastic order and the celestial calling they answer to.
Imperative to the acquisition of meritorious grades and thus highly sought after for projects. Never intimidated by Quizzes, Tests and Exams - he relishes them.

* Smart-ass - Good analytical reasoning
* Fear Aura - Demoralizes competition
* Grade Scorery - Able to conjure A+'s frm thin air
* Magnetism - Everyone wants to be in the same project group with him

Everyone wants to be in the same project group as him.

Cultists who delved too deeply into the roots of rote assimilation and mindless regurgitation. Consumed by a lust for course material, they have tapped into an unnatural obession from beyond this world.
Impossible to distract. Runs mainly on caffeine. Studying is her unlife. Has read every word of each textbook at least twice. Including glossaries. Triple checks Quizzes and Tests before submission.

* Fel Concentration - Resistance to worldly distractions (e.g. msn, youtube, pron)
* Uncanny Strength - Able to carry two accounting textbooks and a laptop in one hand
* Research Mastery - Inexplicable ability to find "non-existent" past year papers
* Will Of The Forsaken - Immune to sleep-inducing effects and disease

No free time.

raised by the mythological twins Castor and Pollux, they inherit the geminian traits. They shroud themselves within their consciousness and wear the provebial mask, as if life's a masquerade.
Possibly the most misunderstood amongst his brethren, the slacker is either despised or held exalted depending upon your allegiance to the academic cause. Many mistaken their easy-going attitude for indifference. However, they can call forth an array of powers to deal with the dead-lines that would cause lesser beings to freeze in terror.
* Slack Nova - Causes those around him to drop what they're doing and chill
* Flash Report - Able to generate A-grade reports at high speeds. Only occurs within 24hrs of deadline
* Burnout Immunity - Does not suffer from work related stress. For there IS NO work.
* Grounding Totem - Reminds project members about the other important things in life

Often mistaken to be dispensable and subsequently burnt at the stake.

Tales are whispered of men born twixt the twin constellations of the merchant and the ATM. Chatter that sounds ordinary to the likes of you and I doth not sound so to them: words exchanged by bypassing strangers ring faintly with the chime of falling coins.
The complex language of business is his native tongue. Exudes strong presence in meetings. Ability to spot opportunities that our naked eye cannot see. He is rumoured to have the Midas touch.

* Diplomacy - Master of schoozing. Exudes charm through his pores
* SMUth Talker - Able to convince even the most stubborn skeptic
* Treasure Hunter - No profit is too small to be mercilessly pursued
* Friendster Incarnate - Has a large network of asset friends; half your friends are probably his

You never know if he's being friendly or is just absobing you into his social network.

Hailing from the remorseless depths where guilt and shame lie naked and bleeding in the gutter, they strike only when advantage is the greatest. Though we remain vigilant, they still infiltrate our project groupings.
She feels most comfortable acting in the background. A master of disguise, she pretends to be furiously typing meeting munites when she is actually on MSN. Reports and group assignments do not faze her; she selflessly offers to save, print, and bind them.
* Eviscerate - When discovered, she executes this killing blow which leaves you at a loss for words
* Shadowmeld - Dissappears when tasks are being handed out* Ruthless Strike - Takes credit where credit's not due
* Grimore of Equivocation - Cloaks herself with a veil of excuses

Public enemy number one. Is the focus of all retaliatory strikes, whether deserving or not, although the former is often true.

Former servants to the Lip God Gloss, they now float amongst us in search of a new patron. They remain true to their cause in a self-righteous fervour.
Your professor's most ardent fan. Always the first to answer every question with unbridled enthuasism; you'd probably remember his name first. Often seen approaching TAs and RAs for extra notes.

* Bypass Brain - Jumps at any opportunity to participate in class without thinking
* Rapid Ripotse - Quick to answer a question although not making any sense
* Obfuscate Aura - When active, renders all incoming logic incomprehensible to him. Also known as the Bozone Layer
* Static Interference - Latent ability which reduces available airtime for others

Last to be picked for project groups.

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