Saturday, November 18, 2006


Well initially this was meant to be a private post or rather draft, but since it seems rather intuitive... So well...yup...

Somehow, I feel sad every now and then.
I don't know why.
To the extent I became like some sort of Silver Surfer every now and then when I go drinking.
With the mood swing and the whatsoever.
of cos not forgetting that drink until concuss, stone at sofa, den hop up and drink again

Afterall, life has gotten kinda mundane after school started.
Sure, I made tons of friends, and even a couple of close friends like Marcus, Charles and Luo Yi, and even some closer-than-usual friends like A**** (u know who...)
But then, die-hard friends like marcus who Taaaaaa all the way with you are hard to come back.
And to balance these group of friends (whom I shall address as stakeholders) and the group of flies from the bar, is by no means an easy feat.
To the extent I ended up backsliding from the bar or from the friends at some times.
I guess that's pretty much a norm regardless of where you might be.
Like how I won't see some folks from school, or some flies like RNC & CG nowadays...

For a moment, I could understand how some folks feel when inviting people for bdaes.
I swear, it's a real goddamn headache trying to do so and hoping they don't get bored or even 'clash'.
You just can't have the best of both worlds and invite everyone, even though you ain't close to them at all. For example, ... ... ... etc etc whom I no need name lah.
Quite a fair bit, especially in the links. (oh well...)

Sometimes hor, I think just celebrate with A**** can liao, which I sort of did already on thurs apparently. At NYDC. (she propose 1, not me...)
But then... Somehow the feeling suddenly just isn't right. I reckon why...
Perhaps it's been too long since I last indulge myself emotionally...
That long to the extent that it reminds me of the past and 1 of my JC mate, Peichong's entry...

"What would you say if i told the world i still love you?
What would you do
if all that i do is to think of you?
Would you cry? Or would i cry that you
You've gone too far away to come back... Sweet scent of spring
Someone once asked why the sun goes on shining? Why do the birds
still fly?
Because when the heart is dead, nothing else matters anymore"

- Courtesy of Peichong
For a moment, I was thinking Chinese High guys were TMD smart...damn~!
I guess eventually, everyone does have moments where we need and seek for some attention and concern...

To end off with, it has been a nice thurs at Frujch although quite a fair bit of folks fly aeroplane...
Oh well, so much for last min plannings. Thank god not my bdae yet.
Thanks for accompanying me last night... It's was nice really despite the small crowd, if it was even a crowd to start with at all...

Special Thanks to....
- Joelle-ojou ah yee (for dropping by time play pool!!),
- Shiying (jiayou on choping that guy wor),
- Lizhen ah yee (wahahah...jiayou, ah yee!!!),
- Wenxiang, Suming & Deb for dropping by even though U guys have CT...
- Charles (Although sad that u can't drink cos on medication..)
- Marcus (Thanks for a FTB + sem worth of crapping, talking cock & slacking wor!)
and special mention for Cherie, Ee Suan & Suat Wei for ur wishes, although Aku's bdae not yet come lah.
31st Nov still far away leh, BLEH!!!!!

Oh well. See ya guys in school, at wala, or next year then I guess...
And quick confirm wor. If enuff ppl, I'll just bring the entire set of Absolut down instead.
P.S. Joelle-sama, last nite 5s with u liao, so don't come 5s again. =)
Gastric cannot 5s too often lah.
Wait gastric finish then do again.
P.P.S. mee sua not my fault, really. who pang seh who, i really dunno. u all oso no reply, + i is not organiser either.

2 MoOeD~!!

At 1:14 pm, November 18, 2006, Blogger S t a r m | s t said...

hey i really thought you're the organiser leh. and there weren't any news from you.. joelle-sama and i were waiting.. and waiting.. and waiting for something concrete...

At 4:45 pm, November 18, 2006, Blogger CoW g0eS Mo0 m0o~! said...

starmist> u want concrete, construction site alot.
anyway i oso dunno the place. and time either.
i got mention for supper in the bar mah.
but u 2 bo reply, den she go drink oso. so oh well lor.


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