Friday, November 17, 2006


Pt to take note. Thou shall not organise impromptu mini gatherings and not be clear abt agenda or purpose.

Anyway... getting back to the point hor... who wanna go frujch and drink?
Aku still have the following in cold storage there...
- 1/2 x Martell
- 3/4 x Absolut Level
- 1 x Absolut Ruby Red (Unopened)
- 5 x 1.5L Sprite
- 2 x 1.5L Coke (KNN shldn't have gotten it...)
- 2 x 1.5L Green Tea

Yeah... so let me know if wanna drink them finish kk? =)

4 MoOeD~!!

At 4:53 pm, November 17, 2006, Blogger nadnut said...

whats absolut level? o.O new drink? how's ruby red? i havent collected that yet!

At 12:45 am, November 18, 2006, Blogger CoW g0eS Mo0 m0o~! said...

nad> u can go my flickr see the foto. it's there. the frosty glass 1...

At 1:13 pm, November 18, 2006, Blogger S t a r m | s t said...

can dance there not?

At 4:48 pm, November 18, 2006, Blogger CoW g0eS Mo0 m0o~! said...

starmist> if u want, u can dance anywhere. =P
but it's a bar anyway, although if u wanna dance can request them play watever music u want. besides, no 1 cares 1. =)


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