Sunday, October 08, 2006

Wala, Boneless Chic-ken wings~

Was down at Wala last nite, courtesy of Nad who msged me about it.
The music was gd as usual, though I was wondering..."Where's my Window?!?!" (left slightly after 3rd set started...)

Anyway still considering Bdae venue, as to whether I should stick to the bar in school, to Wala, or to some sleazy rather happening KTV pub around the place...
Afterall, the dates are rather...sticky and shitty, considering it'll already be a belated celebration, and I'll be having exams on the bdae week ITSELF and another tax paper the following wed.
Fark, shldn't have tried to be so gungho...

Anyway by request of Nad, who din know abt Shirlyn's boneless chicken wing method, I did a quick version of it using Mac's MacWings... (Fried, not roasted k?!)
Pardon the poor shaky fotos k? 自拍 自导 自演 not easy?!
(and U thought Becoming Royston is easy...KAO!)

Anyway, the wings used are the MacWings from Mac. (bought, not sponsored)
These wings are slightly different from the 1s Shirlyn tried on, in the sense fried 1s tend to 'crack' cos too crispy mah...

Anyway if you KNOW the anatomy of the chic-ken well enough (or at least the skeletal layout of the wing), you'll know that any chic-ken wing will have 2 bones.
Otherwise either the chic-ken's mutated or you're not eating enough chic-ken (wings).
So while 'stroking' the wing, try to locate the bones. There's usually 1 large and 1 small bone. (the norm)
I haven't really tried pulling out the large bone yet before, as it's a little...tricky.
So start with the small 1s k?

So anyway, after U located a bone (heck care which 1), twist it gently and slowly cos U dun wanna spoil the whole wing.
If the chicken's well cooked, the tendons at the joints of both ends should snap and separate easily. Then pull it out slowly, like this below.
Of cos there'll be a small puncture in the wing, but who cares... Afterall u're gonna eat it eventually...
So continue pulling it out and ta-da! U have 1 bone out...

Repeat the above with the 2nd bone remaining.
Do take note that the bigger bone is abit 'TRICKY' as the flesh tends to be more attached to the bigger bone than the smaller bone...
And ta-da, there you go, a boneless wing!
*Ok, I din manage to keep the wing intact at at least 80% cos the flesh got stuck somewhere while pulling out, so only managed on the 2nd wing, thus explaining the 4 bones.
BUT HEY! at least the skin and the crispy flour thingy all intact k!?*

So try it out, quite fun actually... =)
(There U go, Nad!!!)

2 MoOeD~!!

At 2:56 pm, October 08, 2006, Blogger nadnut said...

wow! looks great! shall go try! hee.

At 7:38 pm, October 10, 2006, Blogger S t a r m | s t said...

i need to acquire this skill!


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