Thursday, September 21, 2006

Joy & Hope

Now that the whole political issue and coup in Thailand's gradually subsiding, I guess the tension in the air about Thailand's not as bad now.

Coming back to school life, it's still pretty much full of tension as there's still the mad wildgoose chase after the Papers, Deadlines, and of cos, pretty eligible girls the Much Needed time for Recreation, Leisure and Relaxation.
Just when hope's almost gone, life always present before you brand new hopes like it always does 1 in 10 times. Usually, we just heck it and call it "Miracles" lah.

Anyway, it was so 'qiao' that the shop we went to look for at Potong Pasir/Upper Serangoon is the 1 that moved from Hock Kee House. +1 for our project on LTA & Hock Kee House, though we could use more cookie pts...
AS was boring as usual, but it's really nice lazing in the Loft playing pool, thrashing sofas and breaking cuesticks. Not to mention, talk to some 'never-talk-to-before' cute pretty classmates who are always seated at the other side of the seminar room.
Didn't know they could actually be pretty fun at times. (must have been the beer...confirm stamp + chop)

If there's any particular week/day that I like, today has to be the 1.

On a sidenote, I still lazy to search for someone/something/whatsoever.
There's afterall, this whole issue of the concept of relative and absolute happiness to grasp.

0 MoOeD~!!

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