Sunday, September 24, 2006

Astrology & Moi~

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Health Analysis

Avoid stimulants and intoxicants. This is a fiery, hot and choleric sign which is better suited to a vegetarian diet. Cooling fruits like citrus, bananas and berries benefit.
Nerve building foods like oats, wheat and barley are important. Drink plenty of water since the hot constitution can dehydrate quickly.
Salt, which damages the bones and blood should be avoided.
Other suitable foods are asparagus, corn, endive, cucumber, red cabbage and apples.

Susceptible Areas: Heart, belly

disorders of the arms, hip joints, sciatica, spinal disorders, rheumatism;
nervous disorders, hypersensitivity; baldness; heart disease;
bronchitis, tuberculosis; abnormal breathing patterns; eye disorders.

Karmic Tendencies
- Religious and intellectual delusion injuries while travelling

Now... NBCB! no wonder I always tio all sorts of injuries when I go overseas, from minor 1s like tio hooted to major 1s like the ophir accident that left tons of scars on moi... CCB...

0 MoOeD~!!

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