Saturday, September 16, 2006


Apparently, the farking mat thief took my brother's IC to register for a M1 line.
Which explains the letter of congratulations from M1 to my brother.

And that leads us on a wild goose chase frm the police centre to all the 3 telecom providers to finally 1 retailer: PC (s) Pte Ltd.
It was damn ridiculous to learn that out of the 3 providers, only M1 don't require any guarantor or parents/guardians to be around when you sign up for a new line.
Certainly will get my uncle to write a letter to ST and comment about this whole dilemma that they put themselves in, considering the loud uproar afew yrs ago about having school kids sign up for new lines and choke up a large bill and not paying it.

Meanwhile, rest assured...
So pls prepare your KY, together with your butter and cream to ease the transition in(TO) there.

Guess asshats still exist in this modern age..
Hope he's DUMB fucking stupid enough to pay with NETS... =P
Or hope the retailer's smart enough to take a fotocopy of his IC even though he use my bro's...
(or that farking retailer can prepare contingency liability for potential fines by IDA)

Or hope...they got farking video records... =)

Anyway he's gonna go eat ji tiao ji tiao liao..heee

0 MoOeD~!!

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