Saturday, August 12, 2006

Recap: FTB run 1...

FTB was fun...really.
Even though the pain & sprains, strains and cramps spoilt the fun abit at certain time of the camp.
Not to mention, those cuts on my knees and right arm as well.
Though our OGL was alittle mismatched with the nature of our group, which tends to be alittle laid-back most of the time.
And the very fact that there's little motivator factors, leaves much to be desired for us to be motivated...

Surprisingly, our group was said to be the most 'on' or rather, 'enthu' in the Viking section, though I don't really think so.

Though the gayness of our car/cart helped abit in promoting the on-ness of our group...

Life at FTB was hectic and packed, though fun and challenging.
Meanwhile out there in the real world, I realised I've not been linking up with tons of folks.
[Disclaimer: purely fictional and mainly speculations. any coincidence with anyone DoA is not of my concern...]
Heard that Joel Ah yee got a new partner (or bf??), (unconfirmed)
mr RuOK mediacorp star too gotten a new partner, (fictional)
KM still the usual googling at work, (100% stamp + chop guarantee!)
nadnut the nut still MIA after her brief stint in OZ-land, (just found 1/2 dead on the beach)
missy ah yee busy till MIA too, (abducted by kingkong I think)
Jasmine ah yee & CG ah yee eat until MIA and suspected to be abducted by dim sum dollies,
and so on...
(not to forget, the outlaws who seem to went into hiding at secret locations with their booze)

In fact, I haven't seen any of the barflies for a long time (except frenie perhaps), to the extent that I'm in a way neglecting them and accompanying my SMU frens more...
(Of cos, u can't blame me cos I can't join u guys at shenton for lunch, and u all can't join me at city hall kopitiam for lunch either...)

Meanwhile, I'm not really in a nice mood to blog about the recent happenings, so perhaps a short break while I re-org my thoughts, and re-order my priorities?
Sometimes when certain things come knocking, there's no way to avoid them.
Only scheduling and cancelling them... =(

P.S. Nad finally back around...
P.P.S. JF just called me and told me Fey's bored like hell in run 2... hahaha...
P.P.P.S how to edit the blog's main body's width huh? damn small!!! =(
P.P.P.P.S updated some news...

0 MoOeD~!!

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