Thursday, July 13, 2006

Top 10 facts about BKK...(or more!)

I wanted to do a photo entry about my BKK trip, but seeing the sheer no. of fotos to be uploaded, I decided to do something else...
A must-know about going BKK....
So here goes... Other advices to be up later...

1) Everyone (who's not a thai or can't speak thai fluently) has a middle name Robert. (AKA Carrot Head, or 菜头)
2) Remember, bargaining at most places is authorised & given the green light, even when taking cab. (Provided that asshat tries to rip u off cos U're as mentioned in pt 1)
3) Remember, ask the cabbie whether he's going by the meter before boarding, and MAKE sure he activates it, or else try another 1.
4) Alternatively, take the MRT & BTS monorail. (Remember to get a map at the airport before U try this transit stint)
5) Try to learn some basic thai or at least, know how to say the numbers in thai so that at least if the person's selling to another fellow thai, U can understand how much he/she's paying
6) Understanding the approximate cost price for the seller helps. ALOT. In bargaining.
7) Try to sharpen your bargaining skills before you head for BKK. And be merciless. Refer to pt. 1 for more info.
8) Be focused. Heading to BKK with the idea of having a bit of everything, will either cost u ALOT of $$ (cos of pt. 1, or cos u end up having lots of things to do), or U end up with nothing.
9) When shopping at Chaktukchak, form interest groups. Cos no way the guy's gonna keep up with the gals in terms of shopping stamina, when the ratio of shops is like 3:1 for gals to guys.
10) Last but not least, eat at food court if u're god-damn broke. Or buy tons of earrings back to sell to recoup loss. =P

And the final last but not least,
11) Have fun!!! Even though u might be as mentioned in pt. 1. =P

Well that's roughly about all...
Part 2 of advice coming up soon, probably by tomorrow...