Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Cheapo Stint

If there's any one thing that I must say about the recent MICA-mrbrown saga, that will be that whoever wrote that letter certainly did a lowblow by mentioning Faith & her conditions.
Any reader of mrbrown's blog would know that Faith, mrbrown's daughter, is autistic & requires special attention.
However, not only did mrbrown not give up hope about her condition, he actively promote care and concern by parents for children who had similar conditions thus being the basis for the formation of

Of cos, I need not mention about the podcast on the Bak Chor Mee man & the Tur Kwa...
We all know the whole ORIGINAL issue is bullshit, purely over-exaggerated and blown out of proportion by MIW.
& that things COULD have been worse.

So, now in the light of Potong Pasir's Mr. Chiam not being given any bit of the $80 million promised for upgrading, I feel that the whole issue is bullshit.
On this issue, it's not completely wrong to say Mr. Chiam shld do the upgrading himself since he said the town council had enough funds, even though the $$ still belongs to the residents.
But to say mrbrown pokes fun at the govt cos they didn't provide funding for his child in special school, this is absolutely despicable.

This is as good as how far the whole saga will get probably.
& I'm pretty tired of the authority's clampdown on the blogosphere...

0 MoOeD~!!

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