Friday, June 02, 2006

Moo Moo Cow's Series of Coincidental Meetings

Today I went with the folks to Suntec to check out the PC show.
Unknown to us though, is that it seems like lots of people do not need to work.
Cos for a Friday afternoon, Suntec is rather jam-packed.

Of cos, coincidentally I met lots of people. Eh ok, 5 to be exact.
And they are...

First up, I met Jessie Sweetie whom I know from Mentoring club back then in JC.
Of cos, I'm not that much of a blog or person stalker, so I'm not exactly that close to her.
Though we know each other lah. =)
[P.S. oh she's attached by the way, so u stalkers can 死了这条心.]
[P.P.S. I forgot where/what she studying now, so can also forget about bugging me about it.]

Then, Desmond who coincidentally happens to be 1 of the spec in my platoon during NS & now also a senior in SMU.
Of cos, all those other stories I'll leave till other times.
So meanwhile let's all move on. =)

Also, I met Guobin (Left), a quiet but si bei smart & nice guy who I knew back from Primary Sch & has then proceeded on to be a member of the Victorian family.
Of cos, I'm not too sure of his upcoming status. Most prob. going on to NUS Law or something lidat.
U just can't let all those As from ur A's go to waste, right?

And the last guy I saw was Basil, a dua jia (hunk) I knew since sec sch but only gotten to know better & talk to during JC.
Of cos, a fellow Saint like me. Only more hunky & saint-like.
And as usual, I think he is going NTU engineering. My friend tell me 1.

Of cos not forgetting our in-house camwhore barfly cum event-host Sassyjan, who's at
almost all the IT shows I know of.
Not that I know of that many.
hahah... Anyway pls don't go swarm or harrass her.
I know from the background can tell which booth she took foto at.

Well that's all for now.
gotta mug till kingdom comes.
Meanwhile happy birdy day to Charyl.
Though it's like a good 3 weeks in advance. =D

0 MoOeD~!!

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