Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Yes, finally again, this time nasal problem hits back with fever, flu and a damn sore throat.
And finally once again, I realised what caused my temporary bout of deafness.
The damn flu & the hard non-stop sneezing.
No wonder I suddenly felt my hearing was impaired not on my right, but on the left this time round.

Even body parts oso take shift to be sick k?!

And the damn headache's killing me. Darns.
Needn't mention the exam, since I'm taking some time these few nights to recuperate.
Of cos, with my trusty apple juice and potato chips.
(P.S. Even though I sound si bei uncle or whatsoever, Pls don't get me Apple Juice &/or potato chips or supermkt vouchers for my bdae. Or else shall SLAP the nuts outta U and go pawn them for 300k each.)

1 MoOeD~!!

At 12:35 am, May 11, 2006, Anonymous Missy said...

eh.. u're not supposed to eat chips when you are sick!


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