Monday, May 22, 2006

Petition for Upgrading/ Carrots & Peanuts

I just found this petition at JF's blog, concerning upgrading of Hougang & Potong Pasir...
Pls petition if you feel that it's justified...

Having studied there for 4 years last time, I have a fairly good idea of how Potong Pasir estate is like.
A nice cosy community & estate, no doubt.
Of cos, I need not mention the asshat police post who always accuse students of pocketing the $$ when we report the loss of our school's fund-raising card.

I felt that it's high time the Govt. does something for the community there, not because as a election stint/tactic or some under high-handed election strategies to buy votes.
Of cos, not that it's really that dirty/despicable/underhanded to do so, but hey, look here!
How the heck Mr. Goh came up with a carrot worth $80million?
From the taxpayer's $$ no doubt, which we all have a part to it.

I suspected that Mr. Goh's ancestors were farmers at 1 point in time...
And really rich & proficient 1s...
Otherwise how the heck you explain Mrs. Goh coming up with $600k peanuts, & Mr. Goh with $80 million carrots?
Like what the typical response u'll get about the casino issue,
"Not 1, but 2 ok?! "

Next time you'll get legal tenders in the form of peanuts & carrots liao.
Gold-plated with a vial of Tiger beer & the NKF logo stamped no less.

Now it's up to the new govt to see how they play around with the $$.
Heard from somewhere that Progress package is actually called 'Hatak Kaki' package becos apparently most people got that $$ deducted by IRAS for outstanding tax debts.
So... What's next? GST 7%?

Let's stay tuned to the next episode, where Lee Jr. will ploy his next moves. =P

0 MoOeD~!!

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