Thursday, May 04, 2006

Election Time...

Of cos, it doesn't concern me since my area's under Uncle Lee, and ain't gonna concern me either for at least the next 5~10 years.
Provided he's born in the year of turtle, having a life so long and healthy like 1.

Anyway, with dust from the NKF saga & James Gomez WKNNB Saga settling down, the parties are finally getting down to the various core issues like standards of living, medisave, education and whatsoever rubbish.

Of cos, balls to all those upgrading carrots and stuff, since I don't really care much for it.
Only if bookies are willing to take bets for the election...

Meanwhile, updates from Mdm Gao Ah Yee shows that during her MI:3 outing at the Cathay, the show stopped 1/2way and she had to come back again tomorrow to watch again.
Of cos with that I gave a sympathetic & apologetic "HAHA" & "HEE HEE"..

More updates after I get my eye checked at TTSH this sat... Now, don't have SARS & dengue there liao right...

0 MoOeD~!!

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