Sunday, May 07, 2006

Election Results Ver. 2

As usual, taken from CNA:

"Singapore's ruling People's Action Party (PAP) has swept to a decisive victory
in the 2006 General Election, winning 82 of the 84 seats. "
No prize for guessing the last 2 seats that were taken by the opposition.
Yes, it's your usual uncle Chiam and uncle Low again.
This time round, they won by a much bigger margin as compared to the last GE.

However, there's some rather close fights for PAP as well.
For example, Aljunied GRC was won by FM George Yeo, but with a total of 56% which is much lower compared to other GRCs and SMCs.
In fact, it was the lowest considering a minister is leading the team.
One explanation (of cos there's many other damn explanations like people don't like his face his policies etc.) is that he being the FM has to travel overseas frequently for diplomatic visits, and is thus unable to concentrate on improving the welfare of his people in his GRC.
A rather fair and square reasoning.
(Of cos I heard got people don't like his face, but that's another story: The Ginseng Chicken story)

Anyway, as for Hougang & Potong Pasir, I must say I'm impressed by the citizens' wish to keep their existing opposition MPs even though PAP dangled the $80 million 'carrot', AKA lift upgrading programme in a rather underhand political attempt to upset the existing oppositions.

Now for the anti-climax part, taken from
"The party, which has ruled the city-state since 1959, won about 67 percent
of votes cast, down from 75 percent at the last election in 2001. It has 82 of
84 seats in parliament.

The election was the first since 1988 in which opposition groups
mustered enough candidates to prevent the ruling party from being reinstated
without a vote. Campaigning centered on health, housing and economic issues,
though the election was overshadowed by lawsuits against senior
members of the Singapore Democratic Party and a spat between the government and
Workers' Party candidate James Gomez. "

Obviously, the whole James Gomez Saga from WP brought the dust coming up and had all the ministers (in particular Lee Sr. & Lee Jr. + Mr. Goh) talking about it one way or another through outburst of strong words and stuffs.
To the extent they almost forgot what they're running for elections.
To the point that they almost forgot to talk about important issues like housing, medical services, transportations and standards of living etc.

Asshats. Did they run for election just to take cheap shots at each other, then sue for defamation?
And who the hell can not just forget to hand in the form not just once, but TWICE??

And I just wondered WHO the heck they got the $$$ to buy the 'carrot' to use as bait from...

Anyway, this election sees our PM Lee winning his 1st election since being PM with a total of 66% votes.
Of cos, I personally felt it should have been 70% & above to be a convincingly strong victory but hey, a victory's a victory k?
Who cares if you use underhand method or special tactics to 'fix' your opposition? =P

But given the current situation where the oppositions have obtained a higher margin on the overall for this election, it can be foreseen that many voters wished for a greater presence of opposition in the parliment.
Or so I think. Otherwise U think uncle Low & uncle Chiam can get more votes this time meh?
(But hey, later no upgrading hor...)

In conclusion, 5 years down the road if Uncle Lee Sr. is no longer around anymore, there will be several radical changes to the whole parliment make-up.
And of course, now we know a new form of currency rate:
The carrot, worth approximately $80 million, and is more valuable to the citizens as compared to the peanuts ($600k) even though it can't be encashed cos it comes with free lifts at every level.

With this I conclude my 1 pence worth non-persistent & non-political analysis on this year's GE.
(or so I thought.. U thought I thought I confirm for U lor!)

-Sorry for the breakage in flow of thought cos something came to mind along the way-

0 MoOeD~!!

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