Saturday, May 20, 2006

Docs, Boredom, & the unlucky mixture of events

I always had an anal issue with doctors and nurses.
Especially when they flash me the needle.. -10 pts for that...
And the blood donation needle? -100pts.
Of cos if the doc/nurse's pretty (ie young lady lah), + 1000 pts...

Once again, I went back to TTSH to see a doc (before free medical service ends for me) concerning that dumbfark nose of mine, as well as that non-stop 'winking' (itchy and irritated like hell) right eye of mine.
KNS, machiam like after-effect of ReNu user.
Of cos, thank god I switched to Complete a long time ago after VI on Ah Yee Jolin's advice.

Anyway for all those consultation, they gave me like 1 eyedrop, 1 cough syrup, & 3 types of pills. Bleh.
I NO LIKE SWALLOWING! oops. hee...

Anyway this must be a really bad day for me.
After sending my mum & sis to the airport, I was having lots of difficulty driving back in a 1/2-Zzz manner.
And of cos, it's really cursed in the sense I bump into something not just once, but twice~
Of cos, it's rare enough to bump into something in the 1st place, not to mention, twice?

Thank god no cars involved... (Or is there? I dunno!)
For the 1st 1, there wasn't any damn scratches or marks or whatsoever luckily... (shld be kerb lah... can't be the Lexus behind... no marking oso leh...)
For the 2nd 1, oso tio stupid kerb... =*(

I think I need new specs. Care to sponsor?
I'll volunteer be ur Ahmad. =D

0 MoOeD~!!

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