Sunday, May 28, 2006

The Da Fei Ji Code...

With the recent Da Vinci Code storm whipping up, there's lots of controversies about whether Dan Brown's novel about Christianity and the likes are true & whether the actual bible and historical records are being manipulated by the Catholic community.

My take on this? Take everything with a pinch of salt, especially if you're not a catholic or christian.
Of cos if U're a damn muslim or son of Satan, I need not state any further instructions.

For a novel based on actual facts, the Da Vinci Code is pretty good a success for something that is a confusing mix of facts & fictions, and involves the very core of religion itself.

However, it's just fiction as it has been stated a long time ago (you don't find yourself studying Da Vinci Code for your Divinity or Religion Exams), so stop trying to drive your blood pressure up by pondering about whether it's facts or fictions, and just read and stay by your views.

Of cos, if you have something to disagree with it, then don't read it.
It's downright freaking retarded that you try to evaluate something that is hard to quantify and qualify.
Not that I'm the Pope of cos.

In short, I'm pretty tired of all these meaningless disputes about DVC, and I hate to re-state my stand over and over again.
So go get a dildo and screw yourself if you're 1 of those 犯贱 people who complain about the lack of oppositions yet vote for PAP, or is a damn christian who watches DVC & complain that it upsets your very core foundation of christianity understanding.

Hope you get the point.
If you're unable to hold firm to your beliefs cos of mere fiction, how can you do so while facing a crisis?

On a side note, overheard during a conversation with Paul & Zhihao...
P: Have you watched DVC yet?
Z: Yah... Pretty boring show...
P: Yah lor... like machiam the code auto will form in his mind lidat...
Z: Oh, my gf damn anti-christ during the show... she was going like "Down with Jesus" during the show...
P & me: -_-'''

Teens nowadays are pretty deluded I guess...

0 MoOeD~!!

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