Sunday, May 07, 2006

Cheapo Acts

On my way to Toa Payoh to see the Pasar Malam (I know I shld be studying but still..), I passed by the usual overhead bridge, and guess what?
Balestier Vs. Home United

Sleague game was going on, and well, there's quite a big crowd!!!

Free viewing

Of cos, there were some freeloaders rather smart folks who watched the match from the bridge, saving them the entrance fees.

In the end of cos Balestier won 2-1, of which I was glad I didn't bet on this match.
Young Lions scored a goal in the last few minutes to win Tampines. Thank god. =P

Anyway, that's all for crapping.
And Joel, after exams then I settle with u.

1 MoOeD~!!

At 11:55 pm, May 07, 2006, Blogger Joelle said...


want to settle.. settle now hor.

lao niang got no time to deal with u later. *pui*

And like i say, no need to study one lah. Confirm fail one what!!!

*Duno who told me tt when I was having me exams*


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