Friday, April 14, 2006

Thurs Fantasy

With some threatening coaxing & psycho-ing frm a not-so-man Joel, she he got me tempted to go down on a Thurs.

I have to admit, it was my 1st trip down to the usual watering hole on a Thurs cos my usual trips' on Sats, but mainly cos heard most of the barflies were there, & our fav band's playing on thurs as well...
Of cos, the P.H. next day, my final day at slavery 'work', & all other sorts of nonsense did helps as well in convincing me to go down.
*Of cos, Fri morning's class & skipping nite class & the babes for afternoon class wasn't tempting, but that's another story*

It was a relatively large turnout, and I was surprised that Outlaw Maddog Fey even went.
Of cos with his 2 babes no less and not part of our entourage. But that's not the main focus.
& oh, Dr. S & Nurse was there too, though they din went in cos full hse & perhaps thus decided to go elsewhere.

As usual, P.H. eve crowd's a killer.
So is the crowd control.
Of cos I'll make a better bouncer bouncing off everyone, but Joel simply decided that the bouncer is soooo tasty.
Erm I meant hunky. Sorry for the use of words. Ah Siao's just into hunky tasty guys.
Not beef. =P

It was pretty packed upstairs to the extent babe crowd watching was difficult, and the loud noises the crowd's making isn't helping much to my just-recovered hearing.
For a moment, I wish I was deaf again.
But of cos, Shirley & Co. were great as usual, though sadly I was too exhausted, over-'hydrated' on beer, & suffer from neck strain & a overworked mind.
Promise to drop by again soon when I finish all my stuff k?
(Surprised U actually remembered me... So sweet...hee... busy mah!)

I of cos didn't mention anything abt thurs or fri's class, cos toopid Ghey Joel's gonna start something toopid again like me drooling or watsoever.
I stopped doing that a long time ago k?
I only... STONE... nowadays. Yup, stoned.
Had to have my friend get me out of that trance mode for a moment in class today morning.

Guess I won't be having any more late nights any time soon...
Afterall, haven't reached back to my 100% yet....
For the moment, 1.5 jug of beer will do... =)

3 MoOeD~!!

At 12:17 am, April 15, 2006, Blogger Joelle said...

I'm into hunky tasty guys. mmmmm~~~ *slurps*

U got 意见 issit!!!

BTW, U will not stop drooling at babes one lor.. -_-" A leopard will never change its spots. Ahahah~ Live with it. ^-^

At 4:29 am, April 15, 2006, Anonymous missy said...

hunky guys... goood..yum... lol!

anyway, wad's wrong with your hearing??

At 1:51 pm, April 15, 2006, Blogger CoW g0eS Mo0 m0o~! said...

Joel> of cos got 意见 lah, otherwise u think will voice out meh?
And 1) I NV drool at babes k.
Or at least I didn't drool at U, Sandra, or whosoever else. OOPS~
hee hee hee...
2) I is cow lah, nb, not leopard. Me got no spots 1.

Missy> dunno. was suddenly deaf on 1 side for a few days...


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