Thursday, April 06, 2006

Recap Of the recent Past...(warning: fotos!)

*A long & draggy bo-liao entry. U've been warned.*
It's been a rather hectic week, with the conflicts, the party, the weird class timings & whatsoever other rubbish life as a bitch can possibly throw at U...

Nevertheless, life still goes on, & I'm so proud to say that it didn't kill me, though it only delayed the inevitable.
So to start off with, the Ice Age 2 on thurs.
It was fun, nice, and full of jokes. I meant, the movie. haha.. =P
Of cos, with my 1st cam fone(ok, i si bei lag ok? dun laff), this meant camwhoring moments anywhere.
Jacq Jacq & the Siao Kia
In the cinema, in the toilet, on the bus(above), whatsoever. (of cos, I ain't so BHB or narcissistic like ah yees.)

For some no-link interruption, I shall backtrack abit to the 30th...
30th was 1 of those nicer days when the nice doggie trios decided to appear and take a walk & breathe some fresh air...
We have namely codename Xiao Bai who is down most of the time from malnutrition(cos Xiao Hei took all his food),
Xiao Bai...

Agent Brownie who has a fetish for untying shoelaces,
& eating/playing with grass as well.
Brownie Part 2~

Agent Xiao Hei who's fat & overweight, bullies the other 2 but can run damn fast & pack a furious bite.
Xiao Hei
Oh of cos, he got fetish for shoes & feets as well.

Xiao Hei & Brownie...
Of cos, we had discrete evidence of Xiao Hei bullying Brownie in order to show he's the boss...

Anyway, fast forward afew days later, there was quite a heavy downpour,
I was bored like hell back in bunk that I started taking self-portraits,
Me Bored to the Core
& after that, I happened to pop by their place to check them out...
Almond Pontoon-turn-stage
They stay in a small hole under this big stage, damn poor thing!!!
Anyway, Xiao Bai came out looking alittle brownish, followed by Xiao Hei..
Xiao Hei & Xiao Bai
And they came right for me. Notice the image was abit shaky.
Cos they moved, not cos I scared of dogs ok?!?!

Ok back to the original timeline, & ta-da! Comes Sat...
Met up with the monkey & choc for dim sum makan, and well it was quite ok...
Dim Sum Restaurant
My only complaint was.... Too little variety!!!!
Dim Sum Attack
Oh well... At least it was nice...

After which I quickly travelled over to the forsaken part of Singapore in the East where someone's having a secret Bdae celebration...
& that's.... Frenie!!
OOPS! That's our in-house bitch who's responsible of eh... -I dunno what-
Of cos along the way we have camwhoring sessions & stuff,
but that I shall save till another time... (we not so cheap anyhow camwhore k?!)
(P.S. I'm not saying/hinting that those who camwhore are cheap... but well... oh well..)

Anyway that's pretty much all for the short camwhoring foto session.
Sorry if it's draggy, whatsoever.
Well, u've been warned, so not my "Dai Ji". =P
hee hee hee...

4 MoOeD~!!

At 2:44 am, April 06, 2006, Blogger Dickson said...

Secret Birthday Party and I am SO not invited... :(

Haha~ It's over liao, Bo bian...

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