Thursday, April 06, 2006

Makan & Makan...

Today while making a crazy shopping trip to Suntec(bought nothing of cos), I deliberately took a detour to the Japanese Restaurant Kuishinbo, beside Sky Garden.

1 of the key selling pts. abt Kuishinbo that I like is their rather reasonably wide variety of Japanese cuisine, as well at the free flow of Tiger Beer for $8++ if U dine there.
Not to forget, their various promotions ongoing at the moment for different days.
Kuishinbo Promos~!
So well I happened to pass by & today's a Thurs, so I decided to just hop in and dine alone, even though it's pretty sian & retarded dining alone.
Of cos, not that I'm NOT retarded lah. SO whatever...

Anyway the layout inside still remains pretty much the same,
with my fav area being the sashimi/sushi bar...
Sushi Bar Area
But not my choice of seating, since I was allocated the seat near the Tepanyaki area which was abit more smoky.
Serving Area
But nevertheless, that proves to be a blessing in disguise later...

I went for my fav sashimis & sushi 1st,
Sashimi + Sushi!!
and before I hardly finish anything on my plate, off goes the bell & the announcement signalling the availability of the hrly special items.

& 1st up, they had in store for us....
Grilled Lobster with Mayo!!
Grilled Mayo Lobster
Now comes the best part. I already see people so kiasu camp at the counter. Since my seat is just stone throws away from the counter, I just took a nice slow stroll over & viola, there u go.

Tepanyaki was great too,
though the fish sucks.
Salmon still taste gd raw. =)

& for the last few courses for my finale, I went over to take...
Guess what? Snow Crabs!
Snow Crabs...
Those nice tasty snow crabs are waiting there patiently for us to eat them...
Me who is not an avid fan of shellfood especially crabs & prawns(not cos I'm lazy k?!), was tempted to try them..
Finished Crab
& Tried them I did.
Nothing was left. =)

Anyway hope the next time I go, there'll be decent company so that we can opt to stay longer, & go for the beer buffet... =)

0 MoOeD~!!

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