Sunday, April 09, 2006

JB Trip...

With the gradual completion of NS, I'm beginning to have more freedom, more time & also unfortunately, more confusion.
There's sooooo much things to do(or supposed to..?), yet I don't know where to start from.
Well, there's always time for it another time, but meanwhile it's time for visit to our CMI Malaysian neighbours.

As if there's an unwritten/unsaid standard protocol, we headed over to our fav kopitiam where "亞明粿條" is...
Fav JB Kopitiam
It's a relatively nice place to dine at. The food is nice, and of cos it's within stone throw distances to The Store. =)
But the star attraction of this place, is the 粿條.
Ya Ming Kuai Tiao
The above is an 'upsized' version of the 粿條, costing 8RM and even having abalone & tons of oysters.
(Supposed to have pig liver & stomach, but requested not to have them, thus the abalone..)

That's probably the only thing that makes me wanna go back to JB over and over again...
(Perhaps the cheap petrol & DVDs, but that's another thing altogether...)

Along the way, we of cos stop by to top up some not-so-cheap-now-but-still-cheaper-than-SG petrol & we saw these a few new SG cars (car plate SGD, SGE) namely our usual Corrolla & KIA cars topping up on fuel.
And guess what? DAMN! They topped up like 70+ RM worth of petrol, or that's somewhat almost 33~35L..
Since when Corrollas have fuel tanks so big that even with 33~35L less of a full tank, they can still get thru custom...?
This is bullshit man...
(Of cos, I know roughly the modifications too from the circuit diagrams, but that's another thing..)

& the joke of the day?
At The Store, there's this saleswoman who was trying to get us to buy IVY body/hair care products.
IVY product series
She was telling us it's on discount for 7.99RM...
& guess what?
I was told 2 weeks ago when they went JB to Giant, they bought a dozen of that(different 'flavour' of cos) for like 2.99RM each!
OMG! It's like 1 year or more worth of body foam & shampoo!!!

Oh well, there goes my fav DOVE and whatsoever other stuff... =(

Meanwhile... ORD LOR!!!
*ok not quite, but hey, LAST WEEK LIAO!!*

0 MoOeD~!!

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