Saturday, April 01, 2006


It's been a rather patchy week for me, apart from the Ice Age 2 movie date & the lesson day yesterday.
Conflicts, disputes, disagreements. & to top it up?
With someone of a higher rank, alas Management Level.
With issues like that, it's always better to face the bed & hit the pillows.

& if that's not bad enough, I'm getting rather alot more duties for my last few days, compared to others, which is really horrible.
Speaking of hurting each other, when we're gonna ORD together.

Nevertheless life's gonna go on, & the working crew is rather pleasant..
The botaks are rather enthu & fun, while life isn't so bad with a rather flexi-working scheme.
(Provided U dun get extra work...)

The only thing that gets me all worried & panicky is that the fact that my exams are gonna start in the 1st 2 weeks of June, meaning endless mugging thru Apr & May.
Of cos, that is if I can manage to pick up the pieces and reorg myself.
I'm such a 'Oscar'-Level procrastinator, if U didn't forget... =P

Thus, the question now is not when, but more of a how & why...

On a lighter note, just wanna ask ard if anyone wants a bible...
I had one with me for almost...6~7 yrs?
(YES, I DO have 1, just in case U thought the profanitychinese-spewing crude me is anti-religion)
It's in a relatively good condition (all pages intact, no "dog ears"..well hopefully), minus some highlightings of verses.
It's been a on-off patchy r/s with the bible, with me embracing the religion back then in '00, den out of it due to parental objections, & back to it during my O's & A's.
Not to mention, the Class 4 driving course that got me hysterical for a week or so back then.

So well... Just let me know k?
I just hope it'll be with someone who needs it more than me,
now that I've gotten over most problems...

3 MoOeD~!!

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