Thursday, April 27, 2006

Full Cycling Spiral

As usual, I have this really weird karma around me that doesn't really goes well with my pursue for $$ and the fun-loving gambling nature.
I literally gambled on anything possible. Studies, Work, Travelling, Soccer, Lottery, etc...
And sometimes it's really harsh when Reality comes knocking at your doorsteps.

As with all gambling stories, I initially started betting on soccer matches, JUST becos I'm a little bored.
And with most stories, you win alittle, decides to bet more, then win more and so on.
Then in this final showdown, the character moreorless showhanded and ends up losing.
In my case, U win a $50, and lose a $100... Or something like that.
In short, Net Outflow of funds.

Not good.

Guess I'll have to see tonight before deciding whether to take dettol for dinner anot.

0 MoOeD~!!

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