Saturday, April 08, 2006

Deaf-Mute, Part II

After being so long a deaf-mute, I almost forgot how it is like to hear & listen to others, or how to talk to others.

And true enough, "what goes around, comes around".
I woke up finding myself unable to hear any damn thing (unless u consider the ringing sound pleasant, that is), and this sucks.
It was so unfair and stuff, considering I had been such a 'good' boy, not breaking any curfews and even saying goodnite to my sleeping Fishies at home.
Flowerhorn Zzz-ing
Of cos it's because they were sleeping lying on the bed of the tank horizontally.
Damn those fishies, they even know how to choose a nice spot with the filter shielding it's face.

Anyway, it's a pretty shitty day, having to drag myself 1/2-deaf to breakfast/lunch and class & stuff.
& of all places, my dad decided to drop by my aunt's new house.
And of all rooms, the KTV room.
Aunt's KTV room
The strong leather smell & the echo (not to forget the loud surround & the endless ringing in my ear) almost killed me...
The rest of the day, the lecturers did the rest of cos.

Victor's topic on Motivation rekindled that passion within me though.
(Even though my ear was killing me thru the entire day...)
What actually motivated me to pursue my ACCA initially...?

Guess it has to be this...
Aunt's Porche
A nice shiny Porche...
Of cos, I'll rather be at the stage where I'll buy a brand new house "just becos house got no place to park more cars". =)
Well yeah, that's somewhere up there where I hope I might be, though that's not what I'm aiming for.

A Integra or S2000, that will do.
Being Contented is the best thing that can possibly occur, don't U think so? =)

3 MoOeD~!!

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