Saturday, April 08, 2006


Today's story is about this guy who is a high-flyer.
Ever since young, he knew he was different from others.
In his bid to become the top & best among his peers and competitors, he was ruthless, unfeeling & worst of all, unwilling to lend a helping hand.

So finally 1 day when he's high up at the top, the summit & the pinnacle (and whatever else U called it...), he felt empty.
Deep within him, he was engulfed by void, even though he have achieved his goals and done what he set off to do.

Then he realised, in the means of all these, he neglected something.
Friendship, Compassion, & most of all, he forgot the very key motivating factor behind him...
That very day, he truly understood that, "无敌是寂寞的..."

I 1st came across the phrase "无敌是寂寞的" when we were back in the bunk playing the 4 person "Sai Ong" (Shit King in Hokkien) Dai Ti (Big 2)... [P.S. Big 2 of cos 4 person play usually].

As with usual Big 2 games, the only difference is the 4th guy AKA "Sai Ong/Tou" (with most cards) must give the 1st guy (winner of previous round) 2 of his biggest cards, before the 1st give him back 2 of any cards. (usually smallest).
The same applies for 2nd and 3rd, except it's only 1 card.

This method of playing is fun when no $$ is involved, as it requires u not to be the last/4th. (gotta shuffle mah, leceh leh...)
So the 4 of us, namely Mr 'Fiona' Xie, Mr Chen 'Small Eye', Mr Agent "Hau" and me, were playing Big 2 the whole nite, and Agent "Hau" was up there being the 1st for a long time.
At least 20~30 rounds, before someone took him down to 2nd for 1 round, and den he's back up there again.

So in a taunting manner, he commented...
"Damn bo liao, being 1st all the way very boring. Never shuffle card at all, hand so smooth..."

Of cos, all of us gave him the look...
But well, cases like these, it's pretty applicable...
Well, Remember, "无敌是寂寞的..."

Then again, when U're lonely... Remember these...
Best Companions
Always help in getting thru lonely nights...
*Please ignore the pink drink. Think that's CCB's."

0 MoOeD~!!

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