Thursday, April 20, 2006

Beyond Reasonable Doubt

I believed that for a numbskull like me, I'm farking stupid.
Yes U heard me right.
I'm farking stupid.

Here's a damn list of what I did that was farking stupid today.
1) Took a damn bus to Toa Payoh instead of walking there in the same time taken, and could have saved the $$ instead.
2) Decided to wear slippers, ended up running like a penguin after buses.
3) Forgot to put back TK's van keys after buying lunch. For the damn whole day.
4) Forgot to put my 2.1 class notes in my bag, thus having to rush back home before going for class.
5) Could have eaten dinner at home and saved $$, but din do so.
6) Dozing away like no one's damn problem.

I'm farking stupid, w/o a doubt.
Or would I say, beyond reasonable doubt?

I need a break.
Throw in the moolah pls.

& a copy of 2006 Jun exam's answer if possible. =D

0 MoOeD~!!

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