Monday, April 24, 2006

Bdae Wishings...

Of cos being the overworked and stressed-out NSF-turning-student, I tend to neglect things happening ard me.
So today 1 shot, wish all the bdae & soon-to-be boys and gals a very happy bdae...
question is, I'm not sure who...
so pls correct me if wrong....

Happy bdae 1stly to Brudder JF. dunno when, but then I know soon lah.
Sorry won't be able to join in ur celebration.
The joint forces of the outlaws' too much for the likes of my current state of the stomach.
Must be the damn chips. Must be. Have to be.

2ndly's to outlaw old birdies Mandrake, 9 & RUOK.
Hope U all have a happy wonderful year, and many more ahead to come. =)

Finally just found out that newbie ah yee NurseNaughty Joyce's bdae is this week as well.
Happy Bdae to U as well Ah Yee!! I meant jie jie. =)
May U remain as mian tiao as b4, and as young as always.
(No SKII from me for u though. used them all myself liao. heh)

And finally to U asshats out there, Happy Labour-soon-to-come day!
And to the NSFs out there... ORD LOR!!! PINK IC!!! wahahaa... =P

Of cos, I almost forgot as usual.
To my long-lost Da Jie Lydia whom I dunno she "go where die liao", & to Joanne,
Happy Bdae in advance. =)
May U have many more 21st bdaes to come.
Or rather, OF COS u'll rather stay 21...

0 MoOeD~!!

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