Friday, March 31, 2006

Summary of an brief summary...?

Gonna cut it short & swift, so shld be in point form...

1) The Cathay has really nice decos, especially the lounge for Picturehouse... SO wanna go in to watch films!!!
2) The Grand Cathay hall is really big... Well not the pt (the 1 at Shaw Tower's abt the same), but the seats are new and sooooo comfortable!!!!
3) Ice Age 2 is funny. Alittle short, but still funny... "Save your nuts!!"
4) Relac-one-corner style chatting with Jacq Jacq after movie at Balestier, stone throws frm our place. =P
5) Jacq Jacq's bdae...
6) Conflicts at work...Alas the usual "Hit & Run"
7) The shittest of all, the manifestation of wisdom... Wisdom Tooth.. KNN~

So to the Sweetie who I promised to be present for her Bdae, don't blame me if I'm absent k?
Wisdom decides to manifest itself, so too bad. No choice.
Afterall, Age comes with Wisdom, but Wisdom don't comes with age. That's why... =(

0 MoOeD~!!

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