Saturday, March 04, 2006

Suay-est Day of the week...

Just like what the title of the post says...

Nothing beats today in being super suay.
Not even that smoked-out leaking brake booster in Thailand...

It began with my shoelace snapping the moment I exited from YCK mrt. Of cos, followed up with the usual @#%^@$^ KNN ranting in the mind, with a side-note made mentally to get new shoes..
Then comes the cargo-clearing part... It was way too smooth. Something's wrong.
In fact, nothing's wrong with the van before & after I cleared the cargo.
Upon leaving Changi Airfreight centre, I decided to get a drink at Changi Village as I was feeling drowsy & tired..
& it is then on my way there that I heard a relatively loud 'POP' sound.. Ignoring it, I went on to park & realised... TYRE PUNCTURE! KNS~
Bleh, for once I was thankful I'm slack enough. =)

Now comes the sucky part. There's only the damn jack, and no damn spanner. DARNS~
& the jacking part wasn't clearly stated in the manual.
Caused me to prone under the van for so many damn times. Darns.
& to trouble someone who's in a hurry, even malu-ating... DAMN~
KNN whoever owns the van better send for repair ASAP...

I'm soooo not gonna go out till those suay aura's gone...

0 MoOeD~!!

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