Friday, February 24, 2006

Pissed, Angered, Agitated

Dear (fill in the blank),

I'm wasn't exactly too pleased when I had to stay back till 5.30pm for your briefing, only to be told I was excused from the following day & sat's Ops White Star.
Especially when I'm supposed to leave latest by 5pm, and end up having to cab home from camp to rush for class, resulting in an unexpected transport cost of $10.
While I'm not eligible to claim in any damn ways, I'm definitely not pleased abt it too when I was told that I had to come back just to take the farking SAF82A or whatsoever farkshit, especially when it's for the NSmen.
Especially when it's only out at night, & of all person to tell me, U're not the 1.
Irresponsible jerk.

& of all the ridiculous shit I've heard like U reserves not being nice enough to help out with that (I realised another Mr Tan Peck Hau isn't around either, so don't give me that shit),
U Mr. Op Spec gave me the crappiest suggestion of going down Esplanade tomorrow Sat to collect the form.
Screw U & screw whoever's there. That's enough crapping from U.

I appreciate ur hard work for the marshalling & ushering, though it's by principle none of my farking business.
I'm here to serve the nation, not serve you.
So spare me that shit, & get the damn thing to me, otherwise the rule "Forgiven are the Ignorant" will apply.

& oh, if U're willing to consider reimburse me all/part of the transportation cost, I'll gladly reconsider my options and there's still room for negotiations.
Otherwise go suck monkey balls. & have a Farking FARKED UP 'TRUMP CARD' day.

Your faithful Soldier,

0 MoOeD~!!

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