Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Been doing some minor patch works here & there while being idle now.
It's boring & life sucks, especially when u're forced to do thing, & every other thing's messed up.

Anyway, just caught Jarhead last nite.
It's was fun & well kind of nostalgic in a way.
The contents pretty much reminds me of BMT & the trainee phrase all re-enacted in front of me all over again,
minus the violence part & add in the hokkien profanities...

It's was funny no doubt at several point in time, like the routine of life & some other stuff.
And the use of the word 'Jarhead' to describe the Marines? Hilarious & well used.
In fact, Singapore's NS system shld adopt that as well since we breed nothing but numbskulls, dumb-farks, & retards...
Of cos, not forgetting the jarheads.

It's pretty much a mindfucking therapeutic movie last nite i guess...
& it's gonna be another of such a nite today i suppose too. =P

0 MoOeD~!!

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