Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Guess everything's getting more & more expensive...
1st the hike in GST, bus fare & all other not-so-gd-shit afew years back,
& now the hike in university's fees?
& a damn 15% ($1000) hike for me somemore, FARK!!! (why so bad 1?! Only my batch's guys onwards affected)

If NUS & NTU can just raise their fees by 3% (approx $180), what exactly justifies the hike of 15% by SMU?
The centralised location of the campus?
The high rental rates of the location?
Or what? Increasing operating costs?
Fark them & FARK their fee hike! _|_ >_<~@#$%

Damn they better give me a detailed breakdown of the cost...
Man am I really pissed...
& my fone decides to scare me with a GPRS total data transferred figure of 8GB.
Damn. =(

0 MoOeD~!!

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