Sunday, February 19, 2006


Damn, no goldfishes for me tonite.
I broke my vow to not drink. But oh well.
Anyway, to the 3 gals, sorry that I come so late.
Couldn't make it initially cos of a movie date with another gal(obviously) I have to go back camp to get some crap last min...

Anyway, movie's pretty nice...
So nice, yet the farking end's so damn sad.
They either break up, die, or whatsoever.
Fark the title, si mi bird mah... NB~
Then again, with her besides me, anything feels like honey... =)

Oh well... Tonite's light drinking session for the gals is pretty... Light.
Met afew more barflies, had fun watching the crowd,
enjoyed deflecting Jas's deathblows, delighted in all sorts of rubbish.
Oh well... Tired... =)

Anyway, Happy Bdae to U gals... =)
Have fun k? =-D

0 MoOeD~!!

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