Monday, February 20, 2006

Day 1

In the mids of this 3 days Instructor Prep Course held at Khatib torture chamber Camp by the PTIs, I only regretted not saying my prayers before I left home.
Not that I'm anywhere religious at all of cos.

It was a sickening course filled with medicine balls, dumbbells, & other sickening shit that drains the vitality out of you...
And it's only Day 1, 2 more to go... =(

Then again, on a side note I thought of no one today...
Which was kinda good, considering the not-too-clear situations I'm in personally.
& I really hate but gotta admit that I'm pretty screwed in all ways ever since I stopped utilising my brains a long time ago & started living like an hermit crab... =D

Think I'll just... well...
forget abt all that's happened, & start a brand new chapter in Uni.
The Mo0-m0o way! =)
& it's gonna be more action-packed, more lively, & more interesting than the laksaman & ]O_o[ chapters.. =D

Oh well, time to nap...
Overworked joints' killing me...

0 MoOeD~!!

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