Saturday, January 21, 2006

A Vicious Cycle...

I seem to be having bittersweet relationship with vicious cycles of various types...
Love/Hate relationships, drinking relationships,
the vicious cycle of stealing & being stolen from, this & there.

Recently everything seems to take place more & more often..
& that really sucks pretty much... Especially the sucky part abt drinking.

After a while, I wonder why am I drinking so much,
when end of the day they will end up in the toilet 1 way or the other.
Of cos, it's up to me (& other insane beings) to decide whether to accelerate the process.

End of the day, I realised even when I can drink/mix that much w/o puking, getting drunk or hangovers(absolutely nope),
the moment I reached home & attempts to sleep, the 'sea-sickness' effect kicks in & wakes the hell outta me.
& damn, I thought it's supposed to dull my senses & reduce my response time...

So perhaps... I'll go liqour-free afterall...
My body is probably accustomed & programmed to induce puke after drinking...
All this drink/puke cycles' weakening me bit by bit..

0 MoOeD~!!

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