Sunday, January 15, 2006

R/S & it ugly side...

After reading thru RNC's latest few entries, together with the 1 by Zav, I'm in a way well...
I would say I feel I'm lucky in dept of relationship compared to them, despite being only in a serious r/s once & having it break up like that.
Of cos, coupled with the idiotic me who did nothing to salvage it.

Perhaps cos me and her started during schooling days, & in that sense we know some of each other's needs 1 way or the other, academically or socially...
In a way, things didn't end up ugly like most broken relationships do.
Though the way ours end up wasn't exactly 1 I wanted.

Well, that's not the damn pt I'm trying to get across now.
Afterall, modelling kits, books & alcohol's my poison S/Os now...

Still, to RNC...
Believe in urself.
If U've nothing to hide, why fear?
Have faith, have belief. =)
Despite the saying "Once bitten, twice shy",
still... "What doesn't kills U makes U stronger..."
Keep that in mind...

0 MoOeD~!!

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