Saturday, January 21, 2006

No Hope...

I just realised in my attempt to get back ASAP, I did that 'in the spur of moment' hop over the central rd divider & run all the way home.
The only retarded part of me that was apparently impaired since day 1(not by alcohol k?!), was that I forgot that I was carrying a slingbag, not backpack.
& that damn shit hitted the divider pretty hard.

I thought oh well, but damn.
It caused several cracks on the cd case of my newest cd, LOVE COOK. nB~
Gotta be careful next time I guess.

I'm taking a damn long break till the bar's anniversary & whatsoever events.
Till then, if got any drinking events... Call me k? hahaha...
Well, promise & resolutions are meant to be broken, bent, and repeated over & over again. =)

Just read abt this today. Can't believe it's happening in Singapore.
There's no hope for the Singaporean youths.

For a moment, thank god I'm a guy.
& a nice 1 to be exact. *PUKE*
Asshats are everywhere I guess...

0 MoOeD~!!

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