Thursday, June 07, 2007

What’s your symbol Meme

Dear ah yee Missy arrowed tagged me to do some funny menses meme about symbols that best represents me...

Before I decide on anything... What the heck ish a symbol? =P
Oh well. Anyway, I can't seem to describe myself well enough.

So I'll stick with the laughing man symbol.
(Otherwise U expect Pearls before Swine meh? But pig & rat's so cute!!!)

So why the laughing man?
"I thought what I'd do was, I'd pretend I was one of those deaf-mute" has great meaning within. It's meant to challenge the society and everyone else (the social outcasts) whether you dare to stand out, be difference and take a stand instead of following the crowd blindly.

It forces me to think if I'm being 1 of those idiots who are saying nothing about Durai's nuts or those stupid govt policies like GST hike and ministerial pay hike as well.

In addition, it's big enough to hide my face it's expression resembles me, cos u can never tell what exactly I'm thinking...

K LAH K LAH! I know that's not a stupid symbol.
But if you really want a symbol...

Now bend off... =D
(I ain't so mean lah...)

Kk thou shall tag the following then:
Joelle ah yee,
Starmist ah yee,
Yunny Yunz,
Rainne da goddess,
Veron da princess not.

That's all for arrowing tagging. =P


4 MoOeD~!!

At 12:59 pm, June 09, 2007, Blogger S t a r m | s t said...

-_-" i don't have any symbol....

At 1:25 pm, June 09, 2007, Blogger CoW g0eS Mo0 m0o~! said...

got symbol lor...

At 8:47 pm, June 09, 2007, Blogger S t a r m | s t said...

erm. i don't know why your comment disappeared from my entry..
have, star.. but need to have some kinda design yadda yadda...

At 8:55 pm, June 10, 2007, Blogger PrincessVeron said...

wah liew..

everytime i also kenna one..


i where got symbol??

the crown counts anot??


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