Tuesday, May 15, 2007


It's hard to reconcile reality to the dreamland as I've been sleeping like close to 12, 14 hrs a day w/o recognition of my needs for food and drinks.
In fact, with the exams coming in approx 22 days, it's really hard for me to focus.

Times like these, I just wish I'm back in my nap.

Yesterday, I had a rather long nap while the bus took its time round the western part of the island. It's such a long-lost nostalgic feeling that I almost didn't want to break it.
Having naps while idling on rides seem to allow me to think and ponder over issues, both big and small. And have weird 'what if' scenarios running in my mind.
The type that is completely out-of-this-world.

And I have to say, sometimes reality tends to slap you right in the face when you awake from that lala world.
No more fitness of the past, but lots of aching in the joints like some old man.
No more defined abs, but a nice 'united nation' to represent the abs muscle.
And of cos, no more well paying job that allows me to slack, but a sucky time of studying and mugging for my exams. =(

Times like these, it's just hard to get motivated and start.
Not especially if you're waking up @ 2pm everyday.


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