Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Blogging, creativity & inspirating shite

So far, exam prep has taken its toll on me.
Down with a bad sore throat (which forced me to abandon the drinking session with YuNz @ Brewerkz) on Monday, and a combo follow-up by the stupid bout of flu.

Afterall, who could stand studying accounting stuff non-stop?

On a random note, I suddenly wish that I have a domain of my own too after seeing RN having hers recently. =(

Then again, I doubt I'm able to blog on a daily or even regular basis though...
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Afterall, mindless entries about daily happenings eventually would bore myself (and any damn readers, if there's any of them, damn) and drain me of any inspirational shite.

Sometimes, I do thought of some fairly decent and interesting stuff which I wanted to blog about.
However I frequently put it aside due to other commitments, and then come online to blog about it when free at a later time.
Only to have forgotten about it
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Sometimes I could just use new inspirational shite.
Afterall, one's creativity and inspiration could only last that long.

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