Saturday, April 28, 2007


This sem sucks. hate hate hate.
Wonder what's wrong. The inclusion of wordy mods (read: biz law & comms) or the fact that I took 2 acca mods this sem?
Then again, none of them make sense, since last sem's BGS was pretty wordy too and the fact that last sem's acca exam's 1 week away from smu exam didn't help much in explaining the variance too.
So what caused the major plunge from last sem's 3.88 (3.875 to be exact)?
Oh well. God knows. fark.

Anyway this sem's grades are well... extreme.
FA & MA are given A+ even though I didn't study for them. Or rather, I didn't see the need. Focused on biz law but ended up with B+. comms and LTB...well...fark..
And thus....
Sem 2: 2 x A+, B+ B B- (GPA 3.52)
For the year: 3 x A+, 2 x A, 1 x A-, B+, 2 x B, B-
Final GPA: 3.68 (3.677777777... exact)

I had to say, darns. 1 grade difference and I'll be on the list! NB!!!
Or to be precise, 0.02 difference.

On a side note, I learnt the hard make that 2 A+ doesn't make your report card look good if the rest are Bs.
Just like how I have a couple of dumb Cs ruin my A lvl cert.
In fact in uni, Bs are so BAD, they make ur A+ look at best ALRIGHT, or even ugly.


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