Monday, November 13, 2006


Ok finally had the time to get down and draft this ever elusive wishlist...
P.S. please kindly share if you getting anything for me ok? 不好意思 if you spend alot for my pressie.. (unless you are...oh well...)
P.P.S. Some are downright retarded, some impossible, but I put for fun 1, can?

1) Pencil Case
There you go... As insignificant as this seems, I can make do with a new pencil case that's nice and big yet not too big. No Pink and Polka dot pls, thank you.
(My FILA 'hotdog' pencil case abit the dirty-looking lah... Not that cannot wash, but abit lazy sia...)

2) T-shirts (L size)
There U go again... simple and easy.
I wanted to put long sleeve shirt (for work), but nah...measurement damn leceh...
As U all know, aku damn slack and no fashion-sense 1. So aku's wardrobe got limited t-shirts. So pls get me some nice 1s if you see k? Preferably those with inspirational or intriguing punchlines like the Blind shirt I had from Localbrand.
Alternatively, U can always help me get some of those X Japan shirts that they sell at Bugis Village. (make sure the print at the front and back nice nice 1 hor!!!)

3) Buffet!!!!!
Of any kind, as usual. Treating me to a meal will be nice, but a buffet will be nicer + more friendly (or maybe not...but more value for $$) on the wallet...
Preferably western or Jap, although I eat any damn rubbish.

4) Beer/Liquor/Alcohol/whatever
'Nuff Said. Don't talk so much. TA!!!!!!

5) Gundam modelling kits!!!
As most of my close friends (ok, I don't really have that many who know me well enough) would know, I is a SUPER-SIAO gundam fan....

So I'm eyeing these 2 models at the moment...


the 1/100 MG Strike Gundam IWSP...
(just released in Oct/Nov)



the 1/60 Strike Freedom Gundam (Lightning Edition)
[MY FAV!!! EYED UNTIL SIAO!! Can light up somemore k!?!]

Much as I loved these babies, however I have to be practical and say that these babies don't come cheaper. Of cos cheaper than your mail-order babies, but more ex than your usual toys.
So pls share k? (12 person x $10, about there for the latter wor...)

Now comes the impossible 5s...

6) Car...
Well told ya... impossible dreams...

Nevertheless always looks good... =p

7) My ACCA + CPA!!!
next please....

8) The winning lottery (4D/Toto) ticket for the top prize!!!
fast forward... thank u..........

9) Gundam VCD/DVD set
As mentioned above... But this is alittle different and more difficult cos...
I'm looking for Zeta Gundam and the 1st series, Original Mobile Suit Gundam.
Damn old school...
If you happen to see it, let me know k?
Don't need buy for me... Although I'll appreciate your gesture.

the most elusive no. 10 on list...
10) A.....boygirlfriend..
'Nuff said. Ain't gonna happen in a thousand years.
So let's move on and do reports instead.

That's moreorless about all. A cranky, uneven wishlist done up at 5.56am by a cranky cow who just finished a 3000 word report finally since 9pm. How inept. =(

0 MoOeD~!!

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