Friday, July 14, 2006

Uni, Movies, & More Thais

Today's the 2nd day of Matriculation, which I chose to go as a convenient alternative to skip work as well, since work's getting rather mundane after awhile...

Anyway roughly reached at 2, 2.30 & was shocked to see the damn queue being so long, even though I'll be skipping lots of station cos I've matriculated in the previous round + I'm only handing in forms, not making payments. ($$'s settled by Ah Goh's Peanut Foundation, which demands a damn GPA 3.6 frm me...NBCB)

Well thank god for Jacq Jacq, who was around to pei me around the booths till I went for some compulsory talk.
Anyway, the horrible thing was I happily signed up for Uni-Y's community service camp, and promptly forgetting about 1stly SoA's briefing on 3rd Aug, 2ndly OCS's briefing on 2nd Aug, & 3rdly my 2.3 Taxation class on 1st Aug nite.
Darns. That's 3 in a DAMN ROW!!! FARK!!

I dunno how. Maybe I should just abandon ship...
Or maybe.... I do CIP with frenie next time! wahhaha... =P

Oh well.... Anyway spent some time pondering about the damn lappy since CFC isn't ard in SG & my advisor uncle Jason wasn't much of a help in offering me advice.
In the end I settled for the Acer Lappy though the Fujitsu tablet was SOOOOO tempting... DELICOUS k?!?!
at 2.5k, it was sooo damn cheap for a tablet lor...
But well... Acer's only 1.8k, so well...

Anyway so qiao met frenie, so we went over to GV Plaza to catch Thank You For Smoking, and darns, we're seated at the 2nd row from the front.
But hey, it's a great show that no wonder warrants so many watchers...
I was personally amused by the last part when they intro-ed the 3 additions to their regular meet-up sessions. 1 with the bio-weapons, 1 with the fast food & the final 1 with... oil rigs?
Anyone care to tell me what the last guy deals with???
Anyway it's a great show, so do watch k? (so u can tell me what the fark that is...)

Anyway back to Thailand....
There's certain things I personally feel U, YES U, as a tourist shld take note of....
- Always remember, worship your parents. They are the potential sponsors of your trip. (unless u're rich lah!)
- Always remember, whatever your parents said about thailand's hotel or whatsoever, it probably is 1) not true or 2) got washed away by the tsunami. (of cos if u're toking abt BKK or Chiang Mai, den pt. 2 doesn't apply.)
- Remember when in Thailand, u're a tourist, not a FREAKING KING or something. So don't go around eating at the high class restaurants all the time. Food court will suffice. (U won't wanna live like a beggar for the last few days of your trip.)
- Remember!!! The golden rule of NOT keeping all your eggs in the same basket. (IE don't keep your $$ all in the wallet. Of cos, don't apply "Holding all your different baskets in the same hand".)
- Rule of Engagement as usual, is to move in for the kill, regardless of who your opponent is. Bargaining is your choice of weapon. Of cos, that differs slightly if he's a hunky ah kwa.
- In Rome, Do what the Romans do. Play safe, use condom dress down.
- Don't go around showing your Tiffany, even if it's bought from the stalls at something like 300 baht or less.
- If daring enough, bring a blade around. JUST IN CASE. (Of cos that won't do much if someone takes a parang out, but at least u still haf something to parry attacks.)
- And with regards to the pt above, PLS... DON'T be so stupid to put it in your handcarry... (I know u're panicky, but people might think otherwise that u're some distant relative of Osama Taliban Terrorist shit...)
- Smiling helps. Although it probably worsen the case during bargaining.
- If negotiation fails during bargaining, try smoking the owner by quoting a 'lower' price from another shop.
- If it still fails, walk away. Works most of the time. Unless he/she's a hard nut to crack.
- Don't take out the map unless necessary. It's the 1st sure-tell sign that u're a stupid tourist by the middle name of Robert Cai Tou.
- Try to get someone who knows Thai.
- Try to find out their PH lest U visit somewhere and it turns out to be a ghost town...
- eh.... eh.... 7-11's food is nice!!!! =P

Ok the last point's pretty out of pt, but well...
Hey U think so easy to write meh? Aku not k?!
NB aku not getting paid nor so rich to explore so much hor...

1 MoOeD~!!

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