Monday, April 17, 2006


Took from Sassyjan, & adapted from Popagandhi & whoever else. -oh well-

My ex is someone sweet whom I can't forget.
Maybe I should stop overloading myself with unnecessary stress and burdens. & start studying for exams for starters.
I love her still. Though being carefree overrides all.
I don't understand why I have to take charge for others' incompetence, and why I always hesitate in face of relationships.
I lose myself pretty often. Frequent enough to apply for KrisFlyer.
People say I'm A Stupid Vain Overweight & Short Cow.
Love is something weird. In moderation it is good for health, yet excessive love causes chaos in everything else.
Somewhere, someone is thinking of me. Well, 1 way or another. Good or Bad.
I will always walk down the desired pathway, alone or with company.
Forever is just an overused term for underachievers who fail to grasp the essence of success.
I never want to experience failure again.
I think the current US President should visit Iraq himself. Without bodyguards.
When I wake up in the morning, I look at my watch and go back to sleep again.
My past is, dark, hideous, warped & kept wrapped up somewhere in the closet, far from sight.
I get annoyed when, people try to second-guess what I'm thinking or doing.
Parties are for fun as well as social obligations.
My dog is imaginary.
My cat is like my dog.
Kisses are the best when you wake up drowsily and she's cuddled up right beside u.
Tomorrow, I shall try to start on revision as I've told myself 3 mths ago.
I really want to be self-improving with each passing day.
I have low tolerance for people who are hypocrites or arrogant. Or Asshats. Oh well whatever. They always come as a package.

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