Sunday, March 26, 2006

Shopping Craze..

This must be the best yet weirdest day of the month...
Afew days ago, just bought my Converse shoes and feeling broke.
& today morning, I'm supposed to go for breakfast with Dad & Co.

In the end we ended up at Starhub Centre to check if there's any golden nos. left, & voila!!!
I got my plan changed to a corporate student plan,(dun ask what's that. Smoked my way with 11B & student card..)
& gotten myself a N70~!!!! (DAMN! Joel's sooo gonna kill me for suaning her lidat...haha...)

And... I gotten moi-self a new watch as well...
Decided that my lok kok watch is fudgy & decided to get myself a G-shock.
Fudgy still, but cheap, durable & at least looks more high class k?!?!

Oh well... So gonna eat bread for the rest of the mth... =*(

1 MoOeD~!!

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